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Alle szenischen Fotos mit freundlicher Genehmigung der Wiener Staatsoper und der Salzburger Festspiele.

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The Concert Association

Concert Association of the Vienna State Opera Chorus

Outside of the Vienna State Opera House the Vienna State Opera Chorus performs as the "Concert Association of the Vienna State Opera Chorus". This name expresses that the choir is not only capable of singing extended opera literature, but also a wide variety of concert repertoire.

How everything started

Choir-member Victor Maiwald (photo) established the Concert Association of the Vienna State Opera Chorus (CA) in 1927, in its personnel virtually identical to the Chorus of the Wiener Staatsoper, takes part in all performances of the chorus outside the Vienna Opera House.

How the Vienna State Opera Orchestra founded it´s own Concert ensemble (The Vienna Philharmonica), it resulted in that the Vienna State Opera Chorus founded the Concert Association (CA) in 1927. The original aim has remained constant through the years: to perform the important choral works with all the great Conductors and orchestras, and to present them to the public in the highest niveau.

Committee Members

The four committee members of the Concert Association (executive director, business-manager, treasurer and secretary) are elected by the choir.

Von links nach rechts: Vorstand Mag. Anna-Maria Birnbauer, Geschäftsführer Michael Knapp, Kassier Karl Nebenführ und Schriftführer Mag. Jens Musger.


Additionally to the four main committee members, each voicegroup elects a representative to represent their needs. Presently these are:

Obere Reihe von links nach rechts: Sopran 1, Sopran 2, Alt 1, Alt 2
Renate Hecht, Regina Knauer, Senta Fischer, Gabriella Bessenyi

Untere Reihe von links nach rechts: Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Bass 1, Bass 2
Burkhard Höft, Franz Gruber, Karl Nebenführ, Csaba Markovits

Former Committee Members

Executive directors from 1927 to 1974:

1927-1938: Viktor Maiwald
1938-1941: Hans Frank
1941-1943: Franz Szkokan
1943-1947: Viktor Maiwald
1947-1951: Franz Szkokan
1951-1960: Johann N. Rosenberg
1960-1962: Prof. Norbert Balatsch
1962-1963: Kurt Bernhard
1963-1967: Dr. Rudolf Zimmer
1967-1968: Rudolf Kreuzberger
1968-1974: Rudolf Resch

V.l.n.r.: Viktor Maiwald, Prof. Norbert Balatsch, Prof. Helmut Pilss, Prof. Walter Zeh.

Since 1974 reorganization (Executive Director & Business Manager):

1974-1979: Karl Neugebauer & Prof. Helmut Pilss
1979-1988: Prof. Helmut Pilss & Wolfgang Scheider
1988-1999: Prof. Walter Zeh & Wolfgang Scheider
1999-2000: Wolfgang Peschel & Nick van Huyssteen
2000-2001: Nick van Huyssteen & Ferdinand Pfeiffer
2001-2002: Nick van Huyssteen & Dr. Ulrich Großrubatscher
2002-2005: Daniela Wagner & Dr. Ulrich Großrubatscher
2005-2007: Michael Knapp & Dr. Ulrich Großrubatscher
2007-2010: Dr. Eliza Marian- Zurmann & Levente Hara
2010-2012: Dr. Eliza Marian- Zurmann & Michael Knapp

The bearers of the Clemens Krauss Medal

Personalities that show particular commitment are awarded prizes by the Concert Association since 1977 in form of the "Clemens Krauss Medal" in Gold, Silver and Bronze.

2006: Former executive director Michael Knapp (right) presents Riccardo Muti with the golden Clemens Krauss Medal.

1977 Dr. Karl Böhm (G)
1978 Dr.h.c.Ing M. M. Markhof (S)
1979 Dr. Tassilo Nekola (S)
1980 Dr.h.c. Herbert v. Karajan (G)
1981 Präsident Josef Kaut (S)
1982 Hofrat Dr. Egon Seefehlner (S)
1983 Prof. Albert Moser (S)
1983 Margarete Gruder- Guntram (B)
1984 Roberto Benaglio (S)
1985 Ernst Wolfram Marboe (S)
1986 LH Dr. Wilfried Haslauer (S)
1986 Prof. Dr. Marcel Prawy (S)
1987 Karl Kamper (B)
1987 Prof. Walter Hagen- Groll (B)
1987 Prof. Helmuth Froschauer (B)
1987 Prof. Norbert Balatsch (B)
1987 Carlo Maria Giulini (G)
1987 Prof. Wilfried Scheib (S)
1988 Prof. Eric Ericson (S)
1988 Prof. Heinrich Hollreiser (S)
1990 Wiener Symphoniker (S)
1991 Claudio Abbado (G)
1992 Wiener Philharmoniker (S)
1992 Sir Georg Solti (G)
1994 Dr. Gerard Mortier (S)
1995 Ioan Holender (S)
1997 Maria Diebl (B)
2006 Riccardo Muti (G)
2006 Leo Nucci (S)
2007 Prof. Ernst Dunshirn (B)
2011 Helga Rabl- Stadler (S)

Concert Directors

Since the foundation-year 1927, the CA always nominates a renowned conductor as its concert-director. Presently this is Seiji Ozawa (since 2002).

Franz Schalk: 1927-1931
Clemens Krauss: 1931-1934
Felix Weingartner: 1935-1936
Bruno Walter: 1936-1938
Clemens Krauss: 1939-1945
Josef Krips: 1945-1947
Clemens Krauss: 1949-1954
Karl Böhm: 1954-1981
Claudio Abbado: 1987-2002
Seiji Ozawa: seit 2002

Substitute of the Concert Association

For example at the Salzburg Festival, where several productions run parallel, the CA can't manage everything with only the normal choir. Therefore substitutes are called for, selected after an audition, to reinforce the choir.

Since the CA isn't only a pure concert choir, but also have to manage a great amount of scenic tasks (photo), it goes without saying that the pleasure of acting is an essential requirement.

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